Introduction to Agilex
A leading Canadian IT software provider for amateur sport organizations, Agilex had delivered many innovative solutions that achieved operational and administrative efficiency since 1994. Major sport governing bodies use our web-based or mobile applications to schedule, register, certify, keep scores, update standing s, track suspensions, process payments, conduct quality assurance, and manage documents and corporate communications. We take pride in our success to implement customer-focused, cost effective, agile, and robust sports management solutions.
IT Solutions
Agilex HQ
This enterprise level software is a powerful and flexible management tool utilized by major governing bodies in Canada. Our solution has been designed to manage the many tasks associated with running a first-class amateur sport governing body. Everything from membership registration to business rule enforcement to roster creation is easily accomplished in our user-friendly design. Our software can be customized to suit the needs of a variety of governing body needs. Modules for HQ include:
  • Clinic Management
  • Tournament Sanctioning
  • Travel Permit Approval
  • Referee Evaluation/Supervision
  • Travel Expense Management
  • Hearings/Appeals
  • Document Management
  • MHA Contact Management
  • MHA Financial Management
  • AAA Waiver
  • Communication Management
  • Overage Application Approval
Agilex League Central
Agilex League Central is a powerful and flexible management tool that is utilized by both governing bodies and leagues in Canada. It provides an end-to-end league operation ecosystem that automates everything from referee assignments, to tracking and notification of suspensions, to generation of standings, playoff brackets, and player statistics. The robustness, accuracy, and reliability of our League Operation Portal platform substantially frees up resource time for our many Governing Body clients. Modules for Agilex League Central include:
  • Arena Management
  • Game/Referee Scheduling
  • Referee Portal for Assignment Acceptance, Availability Exception, Shift Book-off/Booking
  • Electronic Game Sheets
  • Suspension Management
  • Incident Reporting
  • Injury Reporting
  • League Standings and Schedules
  • Playoff Brackets
  • Player Statistics
Solutions for Non-Profit Organizations
No matter your budget, our dedicated team can help your non-profit to bolster fundraising and expand the organization’s impact with advanced IT implementation
We understand for not-profits it is essential to keep your I.T. overhead low. We continuously work to leverage not for profit partnerships through a variety of vendors, eg. Microsoft, Google, Cisco, and more...We will secure your organization with our security assessments, cloud readiness, software asset management to help you cut I.T. waste and save on operational costs.
  • Dependable I.T. services whenever you need themSource, supply, licensing, and partnerships with multiple vendors
  • Fully managed to host services for the highest level of performance
  • Leverage Not-for-profit software and cloud resources, donated subscriptions and hardware
  • Get certified experts to implement and run your choice of cloud platforms
  • Architect solutions to manage the growth of donor, volunteer and staff records
  • Cutting-edge encrypted storage solutions for protecting an organization’s sensitive data
  • Restrict access to sensitive data and report on data access
  • I.T. management solutions tailored to your environment
  • Custom donor management software
Development Services and Support
Transform your website from a mere static brochure into an online web store.
Our Shopping Cart based framework is written in PHP with a MySQL database back end. This browser-based storefront development and management system includes all you need to sell online; store and catalog creation tools, secure server, automatic taxes and shipping costs.
The online shopping industry requires a well-designed online store in combination with a highly optimized app, these are the key to any successful e-commerce business. Benefits include:
  • Mobile operated eCommerce apps help you to get a large number of loyal audiences and brand loyalty
  • Loading of contents at faster rate with apps than via any website
  • Brings improvement in usability of various mobile solutions
Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
  • Our Continuity platform offers data backup, recovery, and business continuity protection for local, virtual, and cloud environments, within a single platform
  • Ransomware Protection
  • Peace of Mind
  • Fast Recovery
  • Efficient Data Protection
  • Our support team will assist with deployment, management, or during disasters they will be onsite to deliver the best possible service.
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